What are school readiness skills?


‘School readiness’ measures a child’s development in knowledge, skills and behaviours that collaboratively enable children to participate effectively and succeed in the school environment.

Often parents believe that school readiness refers to their child’s ability to perform in academic skill areas such as reading, writing and basic maths. However, this is not the case! School readiness looks at a child’s development and independence in areas such as social skills, emotional regulation, communication, self-care, self-help, cognitive and fine motor skills.

Research suggests that children who commence school when they are developmentally ready are able to learn more effectively in the school environment, which sets them up for success in later stages of life.



You might know your child is ready when he or she…

  • Can initiate play with other children, play collaboratively with other children, engage in sharing, waiting and take turn-taking during play
  • is able to manage their emotions, cope with the stresses of being in a large group and in the new school environment
  • Demonstrates the ability to talk and listen to children and adults, follow instructions, speak clearly, communicate their needs and identify some basic letters and sounds
  • Is able to get dressed and complete all aspects of toileting independently
  • Can manage their belongings, food packaging and able to ask for help as required
  • Is able to concentrate for extended periods of time, follow multiple step instructions, identify age appropriate shapes, colours, letters and numbers
  • holds a pencil with a three-fingered grasp, recognises their name amongst others, copies all 9 pre-writing shapes (l, -, O, +, /, □, \, X, and ∆) and writes their name
  • Can manage food packaging, do up zippers, cut along straight and curvy lines with age appropriate accuracy

If you are not sure whether your child is ready to start kindergarten and/or or may have difficulties in a mainstream setting speak to your child’s preschool or early childhood educator, as your child may have a better opportunity to thrive in a more supported setting at school. Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists are a great resource if you still have concerns about how your child will manage or which setting may be best for them. An assessment by these professionals will assist in identifying and addressing functional areas of concern.

Starting school is a huge milestone for children and can often cause stress and anxiety. Our School Readiness Program at Real Therapy Solutions is designed to provide your child with the confidence to succeed at school. Qualified Occupational and Speech Therapists will deliver fun and interactive lessons in small groups.

Find out more  HERE and stay tuned to find out about our School Readiness Program that will be run in October and  January school holidays



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