Our COVID Response

Real Therapy Solutions 

COVID Response Strategies 

Like everyone else, Real Therapy Solutions is adjusting to the new world requirements with COVID 19. Our commitment is to ensure that all our clients receive high-quality support and therapy through, and beyond, this time. Our focus is to ensure we do this in a manner that is safe for our clients, staff and the local communities. To do thiswe are implementing the following strategies and guidelines: 

  • We are reducing, and in most cases, eliminating physical contact between our 4 clinics to ensure we protect local communities when there might be an outbreak in other areas. 
  • All of our staff are staying at home if they feel unwell.  
  • We are asking all our clients not to come to the clinic if they are unwell. 
  • Professional cleaning of all our clinics is occurring twice weekly. 
  • We are cleaning all high touch areas twice a day. 
  • We are cleaning all therapy resources after each use. 

All of our therapists are experienced in providing Telehealth (online therapy), and in fact we operate an entire clinic this way! This means that your therapist can, at any time, provide a session without you having to come to the clinic. Please consider using this option when your area is in high alert, or you or someone close to you is unwell.  This way we can keep our commitment to provide supports to our clients consistently through the coming months and years. 

What this means for your supports in the future: 

  • If one of our staff is unwell and required to not come to the clinic you will be called and your appointment will be moved to Telehealth. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this. 
  • If you are unwell but still able to participate in therapy you can move your session to Telehealth. 
  • At certain high alert times, you will be offered Telehealth to assist with maintaining safety for all – if Telehealth does not work for you, our clinics will remain open. However, we ask you to consider Telehealth on these occasions if at all possible. 


Thank you for all your understanding and support to Real Therapy Solutions during these unfamiliar times. 


Amanda Wood 

CEO/ Real Therapy Solutions