Children and Gaming

With the World Health Organisation adding Gaming Disorder into the International Classification of Diseases Edition 11 the gaming world has gone into chaos, and frustration. Rest assured this does not mean that if you love gaming you will now be diagnosed with a mental illness. However the concern over how much some people sit at their computer screens and more to the point what they don’t do because they feel compelled to keep gaming can become a problem.

Of course there are some advantages to gaming, in our clinic we often are asked by parents why is my child so in awe of games like Minecraft? Well, there is a structure and predictability

to the game that is rewarded. For many children this is what attracts them to the game, especially for those who like structure, order and have difficulty with change.

Our Provisional Psychologist and Behaviour Support Practitioner explains more about the attraction of games like Minecraft for children in this video.


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