Important Information Regarding the Medicare and NDIS Systems

  Many NDIS participants are coming to us saying their Psychology sessions are no longer being funded or funding has been reduced. Many have been told to pursue the mental health care plan pathway using the Medicare system. However, NDIS has never funded psychological therapy, it has always been under ‘capacity building’.  So, what is the difference between these two options and what [...]
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  Sometimes we can have difficulty keeping our attention focused. But did you know that our attention is actually resource limited? That’s why it can be hard to do two things at once, like driving and talking. Attention being focused away from goals can sometimes be so disruptive, we enter what is called a ‘ruminative […]

Children and Gaming

With the World Health Organisation adding Gaming Disorder into the International Classification of Diseases Edition 11 the gaming world has gone into chaos, and frustration. Rest assured this does not mean that if you love gaming you will now be diagnosed with a mental illness. However the concern over how much some people sit at […]
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