Speech versus Language Disorder

  There are so many terms used for different communication disorders; it can be very confusing! Let’s break some of it down for you…   Speech à the way we use sounds to make words.  Language à the choice of words and the way we use them to get our message across. It also involves understanding the words and messages from others (spoken […]
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Morning Routines

A strong morning routine sets you up for a productive day resulting in more wins and a sense of accomplishment. A structured morning helps to reduce stress and more wins help to increase motivation taking you further close to achieving your goals.    A strong routine will set the tone of your day right and […]
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The Art of Waiting – Children

We live in a world that is all about convenience such that advances in technology have allowed immediate access to diverse foods, knowledge, social interactions, money, television shows and music without ever leaving the house. During drives, we often don’t hear children saying, “are we there yet” because of the constant distractions from iPads, iPhones and […]
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Managing Transitions

We have all found it challenging in one way or another when something unexpected happens or didn’t go our way. These situations can lead to feelings of frustration, fear and even anxiety. When children experience these emotions during transitions, it can often lead to a tantrum or a meltdown. These emotional outbursts are often either the result […]
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