Preparing for a Happy Easter

School holiday times are lots of fun – especially when they involve chocolate, Easter egg hunts, and hot cross buns! But holiday times can be stressful too. Being out of normal routine can be difficult, and at Easter time the house rules can tend to relax a little which causes stress in its own way. Later bedtimes, long car […]
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Sleep and Mental Health

People often talk about sleep and how important it is for our body to function, especially brain function. If we have poor sleep for long periods of time, it’s harder to think, concentrate, we lack motivation and make it that much harder to push through our day. Our bodies and minds feel exhausted and it’s […]
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Tips to Manage Sensory Overload Throughout the Christmas Season

It’s November and trees and decorations are popping up in shopping centres. You may have heard the occasional carol playing too. You know what this means… Christmas is coming! For many people, Christmas lights, carols, delicious food, colourful decorations and lots of social events are some of the best parts of the Christmas season, but for children who have sensory challenges, these [...]
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Our COVID Response

Real Therapy Solutions  COVID Response Strategies  Like everyone else, Real Therapy Solutions is adjusting to the new world requirements with COVID 19. Our commitment is to ensure that all our clients receive high-quality support and therapy through, and beyond, this time. Our focus is to ensure we do this in a manner that is safe for our clients, staff and the […]
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Regulating Attention 

Throughout our day-to-day lives, people are faced with a barrage of information and distractions. This barrage can take the shape of sensory information from external stimuli, such as sights, sounds, smells, tastes, changes in temperature, and tactile sensations triggered by the physical environment around us, and from internal stimuli, such as our physiological responses to hunger, pain, [...]
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