6 Tips for Helping Your Child Settle Back in School

As we prepare for school to return for another year (and I hear all the parents celebrating), we
would like to offer some tips to make the transition and the first couple of weeks back as smooth as

Prepare your child in advance that school is returning –

As we approach the new school year,
begin discussing school with your child, point out how exciting it will be to find out their new
teacher, see their friends and learn new things! Make sure you stay positive about the topic
as your child will pick up on your emotions.

Involve your child in organising their school belongings –

Make a list of what they need to
pack in their bag, make sure they know where their shoes are etc.

Once the school has begun –

Give your child time in the afternoon to decompress. Allow them
to chat about their day if they like but try not to push them to tell you what they did straight
away – this can be a great conversation for dinner time! Allow them some quiet time when
they arrive home before tackling homework and extracurricular activities.

Provide structure and routine –

Many children thrive when they know what to expect and
what is expected of them. Creating a regular, consistent and predictable routine will allow
them to feel more at ease and less likely to have negative behaviour. Using a visual schedule
board or weekly planner can assist children to remember what activities they have coming

Don’t overload the weekends –

In the first few weeks of term, your child will be adjusting to
the change in routine after a long break. Try to keep weekends free from unnecessary
activities to allow your child to rest and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Talk to the teacher –

If you have concerns about how your child is managing the transition or
settling in, talk to their teacher. Teachers are well equipped to assist children to transition
into school and are a great resource and support if you have concerns. Be open about how
you’re feeling and work with them to develop a solution.